Tips For Your Business Website

Tips for Your Business Website


1. Keep It Simple

Keep your homepage simple. The page should communicate your product or service either with a stand-out image or a simple slogan. More than anything, your homepage should elicit a positive reaction from your visitors, not confuse them with flash and clutter. Think of your homepage in terms of cities: It should be an Portsmouth, not a Las Vegas.

2. Make It Current

Some businesses wish to promote their social media outlets in ways other than widgets. If you and your business are active on Twitter or Facebook, offer a live feed of your recent posts. That feed will update on your homepage every time you tweet or share.

3. Have Fun With Your Customers!

Small businesses today are reinventing the design wheel by having fun with their customers. This could entail anything from an interactive Flash plug-in homepage or animation.
Designs today are firms whose homepage advertises its potential with colorful animated links.