Getting Your Website to the First Page of Google

Organic SEO-Getting Your Website to the First Page of Google.





The first thing that you need to realize is that anybody can do it.  Search engine marketing is not rocket science. By following some very simple guidelines, consistently taking action, monitoring your results, and testing new tactics, you’ll eventually reach the  #1 spot in google.  How soon you get there will depend on how much competition there is. You CAN get there with Organic SEO.

#1  Build a Professional Website-

I am talking “professional” not a cookie-cutter website that your friend of a friend that will build one for you. Your website represents your business. First Impressions mean everything, your design needs to be top-notch built with your target market in mind. Be sure to give value to your customers with great content, without it your potential customer will click off as fast as they clicked on.

#2 Blog!

Google favors websites with a lot of content!  Blogging is one of the best ways to increase the amount of content on your website.  There is only so much you can say about your company and the services you offer.  In order to get more content, blog.

Your blog will also get search traffic from keywords that you automatically write about.  These are keywords that consist of a phrases and have the ability to drive more targeted traffic.

#3 Engage in Social Media-

Social Media– Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest are  key for you to get to the top of Google. Engaging socially on these websites will not only gain exposure, but also increase your search engine rankings. Who doesn’t want to do business with people they know?

#4 Always Research Your Keywords-

Keywords are the words or phrases people might use to find your website through the searches. You will need to change your content of your website using keywords or keyword phrases that are targeted to your audience. Google Analytics is a great way to see if your keywords are working and it’s free!  Having a maintenance program is the best way to be sure your website and keywords stay on track.

With patience and perseverance you can do it!