Content is king! 10 steps that resonates with you target audience.

10 Ways to Create Great Content for Your Target Market




  1. Answer Questions –  Get to know your prospects better by utilizing Social Media.. ask questions!
  2. Blog Comments –  Check your comments for thoughts, questions, and challenges.
  3. Customer Success Stories ­– There’s no better sales tool than highlighting people who have had success with your product/service.
  4. Industry News – This is a great tool to keep your prospects up-to-date on changes or news in the industry.
  5. Google Alerts – Set up Google alerts for industry terms and monitor what’s being talked about.
  6. Engage on LinkedIn – LinkedIn provides a platform for other professionals, therefore connecting with them can yield additional ideas.
  7. Monitor Twitter – Simply hashtag certain terms, like #blogging, and see what others are saying. Use this for inspiration.
  8. Monitor Facebook – Same as above, great for ideas.
  9. Responses on other Blogs – Get in the habit of consistently reading other blogs in your industry. Not only for the topics themselves, but to monitor the comments on those as well.
  10. YouTube – What kind of video content is out there related to your industry? Anything you can feature, comment on, or monitor.